Upcycling is at the core of our sustainability mission here at CASTLECLIFF, and found materials are really the building blocks of every collection. Each season we begin our design process searching the discarded archives of now extinct jewelry brands, looking for deadstock treasures to bring new life to. 

A color we’ve archived in many unique shapes and forms, Turquoise Matrix stones are handmade molded glass, each uniquely crafted to resemble semiprecious turquoise.

Every stones’ veining is handworked, giving each of them their own unique and individualized map of veins.  No two are alike. 

Most of these vintage matrix stones, all crafted in the early to mid 20th century, were created by the master glass craftsmen of North Bohemia, often found in their original packaging marked “Made in Czechoslovakia” and “Made in West Germany” depending on the decade.

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