March 21 – April 19


Confident Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, are natural leaders and trendsetters. Bold and stylish, the Aries in your life loves something that is unique and forward like them. Horn and ram inspired pieces nod to their power symbol while our bold metallics embody their fiery side.

Element: Fire// Power Color: Red // Ruling Planet: Mars // Symbol: Ram

April 20 – May 20


Taurus is an earth sign, and that means they are all about connection to the physical world. Jewelry is the perfect way to celebrate this unique zodiac sign. Whether through vintage horn elements or organic and sculpted metals, these gifts will help them feel grounded and connected to the earth.

Element: Earth // Power Colors: Pink and pale blue // Ruling Planet: Venus // Symbol: Bull

May 21 – June 20


What better way to celebrate the Gemini in your life than with a piece of jewelry that matches their bold personality. Wow her with an airy but statement making piece like our Louisa Necklace or Margaux Earrings, or celebrate her twin sides with our Gemini themed rings.

Element: Air // Power Color: Yellow // Ruling Planet: Mercury // Symbol: the Twins

June 21 – July 22


Ruled by the moon and tides, these sensitive souls are in touch with their feelings and always ready to lend a helping hand. No matter what the occasion, the perfect present for a cancer is something that is sentimental, and these lunar & tide themed timeless pieces are crafted to become her own heirlooms.

Element: Water // Power Color: Silver and sea green // Ruling Planet: Moon // Symbol: the Crab

July 23 – August 22


Who doesn't love a little attention?  Leos aren't known to shy away from the spotlight, so celebrate the bolder side of their style, with Fiery sun ray inspired earrings and statement making lioness jewels. 

Element: Fire // Power Color: Gold and Orange // Ruling Planet: Sun // Symbol: Lion

August 23 – September 22


Virgos are known for their attention to detail and love of all things polished and tailored, so we've put together a collection of jewelry that is sure to appeal to their discerning taste. From polished metallic statement earrings, to bracelet stacks and earrings, we've got everything you need to help them celebrate their sign in style.

Element: Earth // Power Color: Navy blue and gray // Ruling Planet: Mercury // Symbol: the Virgin

September 23 – October 22


Libra is all about balance and harmony, so why not get them a piece of jewelry that reflects that? From scale adorned rings to the perfectly balanced statement earrings, we've got the perfect piece of jewelry for the Libra in your life!

Element: Air // Power Color: Pale blue and pink // Ruling Planet: Venus // Symbol: the Scales

October 23 – November 21


Scorpios are the most mysterious of the zodiac signs, and they love jewelry that reflects their power and intensity. Let them show off in bold but minimal style with some of our favorite jewelry in shades of burgundy and crimson.

Element: Water // Power Color: Crimson and burgundy // Ruling Planets: Pluto and Mars // Symbol: Scorpion